Editorial Guidelines

Seek Capital Editorial and Ethical Processes and Guidelines

Seek Capital’s editorial team has a simple goal: publish objective and informative financial content for an entrepreneurial audience. Every single piece of content we produce is written, fact-checked and edited to be 100% accurate, helpful and unbiased. We want our readers to be fully informed and aware of all their options in order to make informed decisions on their own.

Seek Capital requires all editorial staff — including in-house staff, freelancers and contractors — who contribute to our website to uphold the highest levels of journalistic integrity.

The standards listed here are expected of all the work done by any member of the Seek Capital staff regardless of their role.

All content you see on Seek Capital is vetted to meet the following set of values:

Be factual

  • Writers are expected to create factual, unbiased content that aids the reader in their research.
  • Writers must provide fact-checking information from high-quality, primary sources to be verified by an editor for every single piece they turn in. A draft lacking fact-checking information will be returned to the writer for revisions.
  • Additionally, the editorial staff is expected to credit and quote any third-party sources used when applicable.
  • Seek Capital will not accept or publish any work that includes plagiarism, libel or slander.
  • Plagiarism, libel and slander are unacceptable and if found, will result in immediate termination of the business relationship with said person.
  • Any rankings are determined based on objective facts (e.g. fees, APR, rewards etc.). Personal or business relationships have no bearing on the outcome of a ranking. Seek Capital’s editorial staff works independently of any business development, monetization or partnership teams.

Be objective

  • Editorial staff — including in-house and freelance writers, editors and researchers — do not allow their personal or business relationships, nor the company’s business or personal relationships, affect the editorial work they produce. If a staff member does have a personal or business relationship with a company, they are to disclose it to the in-house editorial staff at the time they accept an assignment and must disclose it within the article itself.
  • Staff is prohibited from accepting any gifts or monetary compensation from companies, clients or sources they work with or cover in editorial content.
  • If a piece of content so happens to mention an affiliate partner or includes affiliate link, a clear disclosure will be included.

Be helpful

  • All content produced should help a reader walk away with a better understanding of the topic at hand.
  • Seek Capital is committed to producing content that best serves our audience and only citing unbiased, qualified sources.
  • Seek Captial vets its writers and editors to hire the best available people for the role. When possible, Seek Capital utilizes subject matter experts and experienced financial professionals to write content.
  • When Seek Capital is mentioned within an article, it is done so in a way that only describes the company in a factual way and does not overly promote Seek Capital over any other option. Additionally, other non-Seek Capital options will always be presented in a factual manner as well.

Seek Capital’s content is meant for informational purposes only.

Content that appears on Seek Capital’s site is not financial or legal advice. We suggest readers consult financial and legal professionals for their personal and business needs. Opinions expressed on the Seek Capital blog are of the option of the author and do not represent the opinions of Seek Capital, its staff or any of its partners.

More information can be found by reading Seek Capital’s Terms and Conditions or the Advertiser Disclosure.

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