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What’s it really like working for Seek Business Capital?

Working at Seek Business Capital is more than just a job – it’s a place to build a career. The pay, perks and parties are great. But we think it’s the people, camaraderie and company mission that make it a fantastic place to work.

At Seek Business Capital, we keep it simple: We hire people of the highest character – train them like crazy, then get out of their way to let them do what they do best.

– Roy Ferman CEO

Our staff training program begins with our extensive onboarding and continues with our daily trainings, mentorship program and management development program. As our company grows at a rapid rate, it is each and every one of our team members tat helps contribute to an amazing experience for our clients.

To ensure our team is able to provide the level of service our clients have come to expect from Seek Business Capital, we have an obsession with training and development. It is our belief that we are all works in progress.

Staff Development

“Here’s our view on staff development in a nutshell: A CFO says to the CEO, “What if we spend all this time and money training our staff and they leave?” The CEO’s response, “What if we didn’t spend any time or money training our staff and they stayed?”

Raffi Melkonian

Financial Controller


“I’m proud to say that our success comes from the strength of our team. We tout the quality of our training program, which is important, but the reality is it starts with having the best people on our team working hard to accomplish amazing things.

Roy Ferman

CEO and Founder

Continued Growth

“Training doesn’t just stop after on boarding. Our industry is continually changing. To maintain our competitive advantage, we never stop learning. That’s why we put time and resources into improving as individuals and as a team every single week.”

Ryan Kelly

VP of Product & Marketing

Open Positions

Explore the many great opportunities available at our Los Angeles office.




Client Services




Competitive Compensation

Paychecks matter so we compensate our employees generously above the industry average.

Performance-Based Benefits

We believe in rewarding achievements. Each role at Seek Business Capital is elligible for a range of spiffs, commissions and bonuses.

401k Matching

We know better than anyone the importance of saving. That’s why we offer a 401k matching program for our staff.

Credit Counseling

Employees have access to one-on-one credit counseling and expert advice on improving their credit profiles.

Gym Membership

To promote health and wellness, employment includes a membership at LA Fitness Gym & Health Clubs.

Generous Vacation

Whether you want to visit a tropical island or just go visit your family, we encourage you to explore the world.


Seek Business Capital has you covered (literally) with the best insurance out there. Choose a plan that best suits your needs.


To keep all our employees’ smiles in tip-toe shape. Seek Business Capital offers top-tier dental insurance to every employee.


Seek Business Capital offers employees vision insurance because we want you to see things clearly, in life and at work.

Office Life

Work Environment

We spend a lot of time at the office and to us, that means creating an environment where we all actually want to come to work. We’ve crafted an environment that makes that a reality.

The View

We try not to take it for granted. Our Los Angeles-based headquarters has unobstructed views of the Hollywood Hills. It’s never bad being in a team meeting while looking at the Hollywood sign.

Exciting Contests

Watches, TVs, trips, and more – there’s always a chance to earn a little something extra when you’re on the Seek team.

Meeting Rooms

Open plan offices are great, but sometimes we all need some peace and quiet. We have a variety of meeting rooms with Instagrammable views of the Hollywood sign – no hiking required.

All-Hands Meeting

Our weekly all-hands meeting means everyone is up to date on all company initiatives, can meet new staff
members and can submit any question anonymously for the CEO to answer.


We’re no strangers to the power of caffeine. Everyone has their preferred source of energy and we try to offer them all. Hot coffee, tea, nitro cold brew on tap, Redbull and 5 Hour Energy – take your pick.

Catered Lunches

Catered Wednesday started and never stopped. The menu is mixed – pizza, burgers, bagels etc. It’s a great opportunity to break bread and spend time getting to know members of the team.


We made the transition from bottled beer to a keg. The proverbial water cooler becomes a kegerator and catch-ups will always take a different tune after a beer or two.

Take Your Skills and Career To The Next Level

Our belief is simple: If you are continually learning and honing your skills, you will continue to improve and be more productive.

To provide the best user experience, each department is extensively trained on every possible facet of their role as well as cross trained across all departments in the company that work directly with clients. Part of our focus is to ensure that any time a client asks a question, no matter who they are speaking to, they will get the answer.

Training is ongoing and is designed to cover both the basics and the more advanced material to ensure both veterans and rookies are benefiting.

Training starts with an extensive on boarding. What was once a four-hour affair has now become a 60 day, all encompassing on boarding session including extensive classroom sessions, shadowing, mentoring and multiple stages and benchmarks to be considered “onboarded”.

Onboarding covers Seek Business Capital’s history, philosophies, product knowledge, job process and technology used. We know successful onboarding is achieved when our new team members have no more questions because they have all been answered. But it doesn’t stop there. We also have:

  • Daily 30 minute team trainings
  • Weekly department meetings
  • Minimum weekly one-on-one training
  • Commitment to advancing technology with tools like Domo

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a company veteran, management is here to help you grow.

Women @ Seek Business Capital

Taking a step forward for women one day at a time

We are all too aware of the pay disparity between men and women. Though it has improved significantly over the last two decades, it is still not enough. According to the US Census Bureau, the median female worker earns only 80.7 cents for every dollar a man makes doing the same job.¹ Not surprisingly, those figures are even lower for minority women.

Equal pay for the same role, regardless of gender, is only the beginning of how Seek Business Capital views and acts in its commitment to its female workforce. Although equal pay is a good start, we do not believe this is enough. We are not perfect – yet. We have and will continue to take significant steps to create a culture of respect, equality, fairness and comfort regardless of gender.

In 2019, our team proudly launched Women @ Seek Business Capital, an internal initiative where a diverse panel of employees and executives work to put into place strategies focused on creating a forward-thinking environment we can be proud of that’s fair to all genders. The initiative is in its early days and we have already accomplished so much. Here’s a small taste:

  • Equal pay for all roles – this has existed since day one!
  • Updated job descriptions to use gender-neutral language
  • Expanded our cultural events to further appeal to all genders
  • Updated our company marketing collateral to ensure it accurately reflects our diverse team
  • Created a mother’s room to provide privacy for pumping
  • Asking the Women of Seek Business Capital what’s important to them, what challenges they face and how can their job be enhanced. We don’t have all the solutions yet, but we are breaking walls and making progress daily.
  • Implementing training and meetings just for the women of Seek Business Capital to focus on how to be a successful woman in a male dominated industry.
  • Commissioned a report on Female Entrepreneurism in America to better understand and highligh the success of female entrepreneurs nationwide
  • Structured regular meetings for our Women @ Seek Business Capital initiatives

And we’re just getting started! We understand for our organization to thrive, it relies on our entire team learning, growing and excelling. As we grow, we continue to recruit, train and develop our female team members.

We are excited for what the future holds and to have a first-row seat to watch our team grow, develop and do amazing things.

Seek Business Capital After Hours

Seek Business Capital’s Summer Blowout Party

Seek Business Capital’s annual summer party is the perfect lens into what makes our team more than just coworkers. What started as a simple joke reminiscing on our college days quickly became an annual tradition. Each summer, our team heads to a secret location anywhere from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu for one heck of a party. The rest is history.


Seek Business Capital’s Friday Happy Hour

From the impromptu, “Let’s grab a drink tonight!” to the “Everyone meet at the bar at 6 p.m.” message from the CEO, there is always an event going on.

The local bars love us and we love them.

Friday afternoons at Seek Business Capital mean one thing: Happy Hour! With in-house kegs and an endless supply of assorted beverages, this crew ends the work week with a bang.

Friday Happy Hour takes on a life of its own with cards, Jenga, Street Fighter II. Happy Hour is a Seek Business Capital tradition that provides the opportunity for a little trash talk between teams, getting to know folks from other teams and just ending the week on a high note with a drink in hand.

Seek Business Capital’s Holiday Party

Here at Seek Business Capital, we put our own spin on the traditional holiday party. No boring dinners, intimate gatherings or cliché corporate events. This is our reward to the team for a job well done all year. Our staff has worked hard all year, it’s only right we celebrate in style. So, what does a Seek Business Capital holiday party look like? Picture this: We meet at the Seek Business Capital corporate office on a Saturday evening, dressed to impress of course. Champagne is poured, toasts are made and the CEO shares our year in review, highlighting our many accomplishments and immense growth. But we’re all wondering… where’s the party? At the office? And then it happens, we hear the words, “Why on earth would we have a traditional, boring holiday party? To make tonight interesting, we are going to have to earn our drink…” We break into teams, and the entire company races out the doors armed with a clue in one hand and a corporate Uber…


Tough Mudder

We tried the Tough Mudder, and it became a tradition. It’s a testament to how we tackle challenges head-on in and out of the office. Not only are we not afraid, but we actually love getting a little muddy. (Participation is voluntary.)


We may not be the NBA Champs, but we field a pretty darn good pickup squad. With weekly games becoming more popular, we may have a full team of trainers, agents and business managers. Still waiting for the Lakers to call.


Recently the Seek Business Capital softball team was born and began competing in a Regional, Corporate inter-company contest. We haven’t won the title yet, but the team is improving quickly and we’ll get there soon.


Another favorite team sport, our new volleyball team plays hard and celebrates harder, no matter if we win or lose that day. It really doesn’t feel like summer in Los Angeles unless we can get in a game on the beach.

Referral Program

We know how important the company you keep is. We hire the best, knowing our employees surround themselves with other amazing people.

We offer a $500 bonus for any employee who refers someone who is hired and successfully completes three months on the team.

Rhino of the Month

Some companies award an employee of the month. We award a rhino of the month. Rhinos are strong, resilient and nothing gets in their way, which also happens to be the qualities of our top-performing employees.


Seek Capital Ranks No. 171 on the inaugural 2020 Inc. 5000 Series: California

February 19, 2020

Seek Capital Recognized as Best Fintech to Work For by American Banker

February 17, 2020

Seek Capital Ranks No. 993 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 426 Percent

August 14, 2019

Seek Business Capital in The Community

Seek Business Capital Adopts

Seek Business Capital adopts an Indian rhino in partnership with the LA Zoo.

Seek Business Capital Goes Green

Seek Business Capital has increased efficiency while going green.

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