Startup Business Loans Friends and Family

Startup Business Loans Friends and Family Startup business financing from friends and family is one of the most common ways small businesses begin, according to the Small Business Administration. And while there are some road bumps that can come when money and loved ones mingle, there are also some tremendous benefits. In this guide, we […]

Startup Business Financing with Crowdfunding

Startup Business Loans Crowdfunding In the gig economy, you can crowdsource almost anything. From formal crowdsourcing, which often involves droves of freelancers doing data, writing or design work, to informal crowdsourcing, which might involve someone asking for recommendations or information on Facebook, millions of people reach out to the other millions on a daily basis. […]

Startup Business Loans with Credit Cards

Startup Business Loans: Using Credit Cards Around 80 percent of small businesses rely on credit cards for some type of cash flow, making it one of the most common ways to fund a new startup. While credit cards may not be your only form of start up business financing needed, if you’re smart about how […]

SBA Startup Loans

What You Need to Know About SBA Loans for Business Startup The U.S. Small Business Administration is one avenue you might take if you’re trying to find ways to fund a small business startup. The administration itself doesn’t make loans, but it does partner with lenders to pave the way for qualified small businesses to […]

Starting a Business with Angel Investors

Startup Business Loans: Angel Investors Starting your own business can be a huge step, and while entrepreneurship is exciting and often worth the work in the end, it’s not always easy. You might find yourself echoing the Real Life 80s hit, crying “Send me an angel!” as you try to figure out how you’re going […]

Start up business financing with 401k rollover

Startup Business Loans: 401k Rollover Option  After years of toiling for someone else’s profit, you might want to branch out with your own startup business. And while bootstrapping is certainly an option, even a lean startup needs some capital and has expenses in the first year that may not be covered by initial revenues. That’s why understanding business loans […]

Equipment Financing for Startup Loans

Startup Business Loans: Equipment Financing When you’re looking into financing your new startup, you don’t always need a lot of working capital or cash, but you might need an expensive piece of equipment or two. A restaurant can’t get off the ground without some commercial kitchen appliances, and even a mom-and-pop lawn care company needs at least […]

Top 8 Free Resources for Small Business

We’ve been checking out some free resources for small businesses, and we’ve uncovered some great online resources and services that won’t cost you a cent. That’s good news for small business! Why spend time and money on something you could get absolutely free? Read our reviews and find out whether you’re missing out on free […]

Small Business Finance

What you need to know Starting and running a small business without having some form of credit is nearly impossible. Many small businesses do not make it simply because they’re under-capitalized. One month where sales and expenses budgets cannot be met could signal the end for business that could otherwise have succeeded. Others find themselves […]

Are your customers using you as a bank?

Top tips for getting debtors to pay up. As a small business, you may find yourself in a position where you’re actually providing finance to bigger, wealthier firms through their unpaid accounts. For a small business, an excessively high debtors’ value has a serious impact on cash flow. There have even been businesses that fail […]