Cities with the Most Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has always been the backbone of American commerce. In particular, small businesses, which are defined as independently-owned businesses with fewer than 500 employees, are significant drivers of economic growth and job creation. Small businesses comprise 99.9 percent of all firms and are responsible for 66 percent of new jobs. Entrepreneurship is an essential part […]

Startup Business Loans by Industry Report

Startups are well-known for their role in reshaping industries, building new ones, and creating substantial wealth for founders and early employees. Because of their small size, startups benefit from their ability to experiment and adapt more quickly than established firms, which under the right circumstances, can mean rapid innovation and growth. When it comes to […]

Seek Capital Partners with LenderVine to Provide LenderVine Client’s with Startup Business Loans

Seek Capital is the leading company for startup business loans in the United States. LenderVine is one of the top online platforms for matching people seeking funding with third-party lenders.  Today, the two companies are proud to announce a new partnership where LenderVine will start connecting small business owners looking for startup business loans with […]

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. today, we cannot help but notice that his advice not only applies to the way that we live our lives but also to how we should operate in our businesses. Never be stagnant! Always keep moving forward in business and life anyway that you can.

Using Balance Transfer Cards to Dig Out of Debt 

Using Balance Transfer Cards to Dig Out of Debt Balance transfer cards can be a powerful tool in your debt-management repertoire. They let you attack credit card debt head-on via popular snowballing methods without paying more interest than you have to. And sometimes, that means no interest at all. We detail how balance transfer cards help […]

Using 0% Cards to Dig Out of Debt 

Using 0% Cards to Dig Out of Debt The average American has $6,354 in credit card debt.* (Can footnote Experian)  If you, like many Americans, are paying the standard purchase rate, often near 18%, on this debt you are paying over $1,100 in interest annually to the banks.  The good news is that if you have been making […]

How to improve credit card approval odds

How to improve credit card approval odds  When you apply for a credit card, you know the worst thing going through your mind, what if I am not approved? While we cannot guarantee approval, there are several simple things you can do to increase your chances of approval.    The old saying is true, the bank is there for […]

How to Maximize Cash Rewards Cards 

How to Maximize Cash Rewards Cards Cash rewards cards are credit cards that come with a cash back offer, usually as a credit on your statement. Each card has its own rewards rules, but most operate on a percentage or points system. Maximizing your rewards with one of these cards obviously means maximizing how you spend […]

How to Get Longer Balance Transfer Periods 

How to Get Longer Balance Transfer Periods A balance transfer card is one that comes with a low introductory APR (for the creditworthy, it can be as low as 0 percent) for a certain period of time. The benefit of these cards is that you can transfer balances from higher interest cards and then pay […]