Citi Double Cash Credit Card Review

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Welcome Offer

Double the Cash Back

Earn 1% cash back on purchases, and another 1% when you pay for them


1%Cash Back
Earn 1% Cash Back on all purchases
1%Cash Back
Earn 1% cash back on card payments
$0Annual Fee
No annual fee for this card
0%APR on Balance Transfers
No APR on balance transfers for the first 18 months

Citi Double Cash Card

Double cash on every purchase, every single day with no exclusions or limitations sounds too good to be true, but with the Citi Double Cash card, it's now possible. As one of Citi's most lucrative credit card offers, the Double Cash rewards card guarantees 2 percent cash back, no matter what you buy. Whether you shop a little or a lot, there are plenty of advantages to love about unlimited double cash.

Rewards Highlights

  • No Annual Fee
  • 0% Introductory APR on Balance Transfers for 18 Months
  • 1% Cash Back on Everything
  • 1% Cash Back when you Make Payments on This Card

Expert Review

The Pros

  • No Annual Fee
  • 0% APR on Balance Transfers
  • 1% Cash Back on Everything
  • 1% Cash Back on Payments

The Cons

  • Strict Approval Requirements

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$0
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR0% for 18 months
  • Regular APR15.49% to 25.49%
  • Great ForShoppingDiningGas
  • Regular Purchase APR15.49% to 25.49%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR15.49% to 25.49%
  • Cash Advance APR27.24%
  • Balance Transfer Fee$5 or 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee$10 or 5%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee3%

Double Cash With Every Purchase

Love double cash? You'll love the Citi Double Cash card from your very first swipe. As the name implies, you'll earn double points with every dollar spent: 1 percent when you make a purchase, and another 1 percent when you pay off each purchase. This means that you're essentially earning points when you spend and when you make payments — one of the only cards available to operate on this model.

Rewards start piling up from your very first use: the Citi Double Cash card earns points on every single purchase, regardless of category. However, there is no introductory bonus offer on this particular credit card. A point that raises concern with critics, as most cards do offer some kind of promotional benefit for signing up; new users don't earn extra cash back, statement credits, miles or any other advantages. In spite of this, the Citi Double Cash card is among the most popular on the market for one simple reason: double cash, every day. At a rate that supersedes the litany of cards that offer rotating categories or 1.5 percent, this card's amazing earning potential outshines the competition, regardless of the lack of an intro offer.

Revolutionary Rewards and Redemptions

As the name implies, the Citi Double Cash card is all about cash back. With an innovative model that rewards fast repayment by offering 1 percent when you buy and 1 percent when you pay off your balance, there's no limit on reward accruals with this beloved credit card.

For example, say you spend $300 a week or $1,200 a month with your Citi Double Cash card. This equals $14,400 a year and 14,400 points earned as you spend. When you pay your card off, these points double, taking you from 14,400 points to 28,800 points, or $288 in cash or statement credits.

Every time you spend, you earn; there are no confusing categories or variable point totals based on spending locations. With this card, what you see is truly what you get. There are also no limits on points like other cards impose, so if you spend more, you earn more.

Balance Transfer Benefits

For cardholders struggling with a large balance on a card with a high APR, the balance transfer benefits of the Citi Double Cash card are substantial. For the first 18 months of use, you can enjoy a balance transfer APR of 0 percent, making it easy to slash your balance without facing steep interest charges. After the first 18 months, an APR of 15.24 percent to 25.24 percent applies. Points cannot be earned for paying off a transferred balance or for cash advances, interest and other fees.

For those banking on a balance transfer, it's important to note that a fee of 3 percent or $5, whichever is higher, does apply. This means that if you transfer a balance of $1,000 to your Citi Double Cash card, you'll owe a fee of $30. However, this fee is far less than the interest that would otherwise accrue over the course of 18 months, giving you a huge way to save as you pay down your balances.

Low Fees and Other Perks

In addition to 2 percent cash back every day on all purchases, cardholders can enjoy a wealth of other advantages that come with the Citi Double Cash card. One of the largest? No annual fee. While other rewards cards come with a fee of around $95 a year, the Citi Double Cash card is completely free, saving you the equivalent of 9,500 in points each year. Users can also look forward to:

  • One credit card late pass; if you miss or forget a payment for any reason, your fee will be waived for the first incident that occurs
  • Citi Private Pass access, an exclusive opportunity to purchase presale and VIP tickets to thousands of events around the country
  • 24-hour fraud protection to prevent against unauthorized access
  • The Lost Wallet service; if you lose your wallet or card, Citi will replace your Double Cash card as soon as possible, often within 24 hours, and can offer emergency cash to keep you covered until your new card arrives
  • Citi Identity Theft Solutions that ease the burden if you become an unfortunate victim of identity theft
  • $0 liability for unauthorized charges
  • Easy compatibility with Apple Pay
  • EVM chip technology for added security
  • Access to Citi Concierge for on-demand help with shopping, dining reservations, entertainment bookings and more

For those who often travel internationally, the Citi Double Cash card does charge foreign transaction fees at a rate of 3 percent of the current U.S. dollar amount of all purchases. This means that if you use your card while traveling in Canada, for example, and purchase $100 worth of merchandise, you will be charged a $3 fee. However, with 2 percent cash back, this fee is effectively 1 percent and can easily be covered by the other benefits received as you shop normally.

The Bottom Line

With no annual fee and 2 percent cash back on every purchase, every day, with no questions asked, there's a lot to enjoy about the Citi Double Cash card. Users can shop and spend without consideration for rotating categories or extra earnings at particular vendors; cash back is always guaranteed. The 0 percent balance transfer APR is also a benefit for those carrying balances on other cards, creating an easy way to pay down large amounts without the pain of steep interest. While there are no introductory bonuses, the allure of industry-leading cash back without limits easily makes up for the lack of new user credits or savings. Offering some of the best reward opportunities of any no-fee cards available, it's clear that the Citi Double Cash card is a fan favorite for a reason.

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