Chase United MileagePlus Club Credit Card Review

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From Seek Capital - Best for United Flyers

Welcome Offer

Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles

arn 50,000 Bonus Miles after you use your new Card to make $3,000 on purchases in your first 3 Months


Earn 2 miles per dollar spent on ticket purchases from United Airline
Earn 1.5x Miles for every dollar spent on purchases
FreeUnited Club Membership
Enjoy complimentary access for you and your travel companions to United Club locations and participating Star Alliance lounges
$0Checked Bag
Pay nothing for you and one companion's first and second checked bag on United Airlines

Chase MileagePlus Club Card

If you’re looking for a workhorse credit card that offers easy earning and tons of exciting perks, it’s hard to beat the Chase United MileagePlus Club card. Use this card to fund your regular lifestyle — plus a trip or two with United Airlines — and you can redeem your miles for everything from a coast-to-coast ticket to flight upgrades. Honestly, this card has so much to offer — especially if you’re looking to add more luxury to your travel —  it’s hard to keep track of it all, but we’ve done just that. Here’s the breakdown of everything that makes this card great.

Rewards Highlights

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 2x Miles Flying on United Airlines
  • 1.5x Miles From Everything Else

Expert Review

The Pros

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 2x Miles Purchasing Tickets
  • 1.5x Miles From Everything Else

The Cons

  • High Annual Fee

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$450
  • Regular APR17.99% to 24.99%
  • Great ForUnited AirlinesDiningHotels
  • Regular Purchase APR17.99% to 24.99%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR17.99% to 24.99%
  • Cash Advance APR26.99%
  • Balance Transfer Fee$5 or 5%
  • Cash Advance Fee$10 or 5%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee0%

50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

You’re serious about your spending, and the Chase United MileagePlus Club card is serious about rewards. Right now, you can get 50,000 bonus miles just for spending $3,000 in the first three months after opening the card. This breaks down to just $1,000 a month, or just a little over $33 a day.

Just using this card to fund your everyday purchases — think groceries, entertainment and gifts — can get you to that $3,000 in just one month, so the 3-month period is super generous.

Those 50,000 bonus miles can get you a first-class flight to Hawaii, which is easily $800 to $1,000 in value. Or you could book a round-trip ticket from New York to Los Angeles. All of that just for making basic monthly purchases.

Earning More Miles

Unlike some of those other cards, the MileagePlus Club card makes it easy to keep racking up points once you’re out of the sign-up bonus period too. Earning miles is easy:

You earn 1.5 miles for every $1 spent on any purchase. Yes, any purchase.

That means you can pile up miles for your next tropical vacation while you treat your family to a meal out or a Broadway musical. Let’s say you spend $500 a month eating out and another $500 a month on entertainment. That’s 1,500 points right there.

This is a traveler’s card, so, of course, there’s an added incentive to use your MileagePlus Club card to fund your wanderlust. If you use your card to buy tickets for United flights, you get 2 miles for every $1 spent. If you spend $400 for a round-trip ticket to surprise your family for Christmas, that’s 800 points in just one flight.

Seek Tip: There are no limits on how many miles you can earn, and miles never expire as long as you keep your account open, so you get the best value out of this card by using it for regular purchases throughout each month.

Ok, so we’ve gone over how easy it is to earn some serious points, but let’s look at the numbers here for a second.

  • Let’s say you decide you’re going to use the Chase United MileagePlus Club card for all your regular purchases. If you spend $24,000 a year on the card (that’s just $2,000 a month), you get 36,000 miles.
  • You might also take a few trips in there, spending $2,000 in United flights. That’s another 4,000 miles.
  • You’re also qualified for the sign-up bonus, so that takes us to a crazy total of 90,000 miles — close to a $2,000 value — just for buying the stuff you’d have to anyway.

Spend more, get more miles. If you up the per-month spending to $4,000 and take the same number of trips in the last example, that brings you up to 126,000 miles.

Tons of Traveling Perks

The numbers are clear: this card offers insane value, but that’s not where the fun stops. The MileagePlus Card is one of the best when it comes to extra perks. Here’s the run down on what you can expect when swipe this card:

  • United Club membership: You’re automatically enrolled in this when you open and keep this card active, and that’s a $550 value right there. Being a United Club member means you and any eligible traveling companions get access to United Club areas and all participating Star Alliance lounges. There are United Club areas in all major airports throughout the United States, including in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas and Denver – just to name a few of the locations in the US. However, the fun does not stop there. If you are travelling out of the country, you will most likely find these amazing lounges as well. You can find a United Club in Hong Kong, London, Mexico City and Tokyo.
  • These lounges are unbelievable. Most of them come with family rooms to entertain the kids. You can kick back and watch tv without being stuck in the general public.
  • If you are travelling for business and need a conference room, don't worry. The United Club's have state-of-the-art conference rooms to make it super easy to conduct all of your business. Just plug in your laptop and you will get free high-speed wifi.
  • There are also even showers in the United Club's. Picture this: You are travelling from Los Angeles to Tokyo for a business trip. You have a meeting 3 hours after your arrive in Tokyo and will not have time to go to your hotel, check-in, unpack and take a shower. Don't worry! With this amazing credit card in your wallet, you can simply land in Tokyo and go straight to the United Club. Take a great shower and change right in the airport and head straight to your meeting. Time is the biggest asset we all have and this luxury is basically priceless in that it can save you hours of time when you are travelling.
  • And as if all of this was not enough to peek your interest, you will also get access to the premium wine and spirits program at all of these lounges. Nervous about taking your next flight from LA to NYC? Not with this credit card in your wallet! Stop at the United Club at the LAX Airport and enjoy some of the finest wines known to man before jumping on your flight. Even if you are flying coach to NYC, this perk basically upgrades the entire experience to feel like you are flying first-class, without having to pay for the first-class ticket.
  • Premiere access travel services: This perk means you get priority check-in, baggage handling and boarding privileges, and you’ll also get through security faster in some locations. If you are not a cardholder, this benefit alone can cost you between $15 to $50 per trip per person. If you are travelling with a family of 4, this benefit alone is worth between $60 to $200 per trip that the family takes. While this might not sound like a huge benefit at first glance, let's dig a little deeper into this perk. Imagine that your family arrives at the airport a little bit late, say 1 hour and 15 minutes before the flight. With this credit card in your wallet, this is absolutely no problem. When you arrive at the airport, there are dedicated airport check-in lines with premier access. This means that within 5 minutes your entire family is checked into the flight. Security is also not a issue. At most airports there are dedicated security lines to expedite the screening process. And you will never have the nightmare of having to put your overhead bag somewhere not near your seat. With premier access, you will have first access to board the plane and the ability to choose the most convenient overhead storage right next to your flight. When the flight arrives at your destination, you are also not going to half to wait 30 minutes for everyone to get off the plane to get your baggage. Just pop out of your seat, take your bags out of the overhead and get off the plane.
  • Two free checked bags: You and a qualifying traveling companion will both set two standard checked bags for free, which is a huge savings. We all know that airlines are trying to nickel and dime us for as much money as they can. With this card in your wallet, you are actually nickel and diming the airlines for a change. Imagine that you are going to Vail with your family for a ski trip. With 4 people travelling with 2 bags each (8 bags total), the savings can be up to $480. If your family does 3 ski trips per year, this savings can come out to an insane amount of $1,440.
  • Luxury hotel and resort collection: Use your card to reserve and pay for your hotel room at one of the more than 900 participating locations, and you get access to upgrades and services like a site-specific credit — such as a spa or dining credit — early check-ins and late check-outs, free Wi-Fi and complimentary room upgrades where available. Assuming you travel on a regular basis, these perks can add up to hundreds of dollars in comparable value. This perk is amazing because the best hotels are included in this package. For example, if you are in Los Angeles you can get this benefit for staying at the Andaz West Hollywood, Hotel Casa del Mar or the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica which are both located right above the Pacific Ocean with absolutely amazing views. If you are going to Chicago you can stay at the top hotels under this perk such as the Loews hotel, The Peninsula, the Sofitel or the Park Hyatt Chicago.

The unique benefit you get at each one of the amazing hotels is different. For example, at the Peninsula in Chicago you will get a free $100 hotel credit to spend on anything except for the Spa. You will also automatically be upgraded to the next category room type and get an early check-in and late check out.

At the Fairmont in Santa Monica you will get $100 credit that can be used towards the spa. You will also get a full free breakfast for two every morning. Imagine if you stay at the Fairmont in Santa Monica for 7 days and breakfast would cost you $60 per day for you and your significant other. This benefit alone would save you $420 during your trip. This is no joke!

The Fine Print

When it comes to crunching numbers, one of the best things about this card is that there’s no minimum interest charge. This is perfect for those who usually pay most of the balance on the card each month. If you happen to carry a small balance from one month to the next, you don’t have to worry about paying more interest than you really accrued.

There’s also no foreign transaction fee, which is a huge plus — and really something we think you should always expect in a traveler’s card. This means that you won’t pay extra to order something online from your favorite UK business or incur extra costs during your overseas vacation. Most banks charge a fee of either 3 or 5 percent, which can really add up. Let’s say you take a two-week vacation to Europe and spend $5,000 while you’re there. The zero foreign transaction fee on this card is saving you $150 to $250.

This card does come with a $450 annual fee, but the value of the United Club membership alone is more than enough to cover that every year. Add in the traveling perks and mileage rewards, and $450 is a tiny price to pay for access to it all.

Whether you’re trying to see all 50 states or have your heart set on exploring other cultures, if traveling is at the top of your to do list, this card is a must-have for your wallet. Use it for all your usual purchases, and it literally pays you to swipe.

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