Chase Slate Credit Card Review

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From Seek Capital - Best for Balance Transfers

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60 day introductory balance transfer offer


$0Balance Transfer Fees
Transfer balances with an introductory fee of $0 during the first 60 days your account is open
$0FICO Credit Check
No fee for checking your FICO Score, updated monthly
0%Introductory APR Fee
0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers from account opening
$0Annual fee
No annual fee for the Chase Slate card

Chase Slate Balance Transfer Card

Did you know that the average American has $9,000 in credit card debt?  It can be struggle to pay off this debt.  Chase offers an amazing solution to help you pay down the debt.  Forget the points, forget the miles, what you really want is a card that helps you take control of your finances.  Not only does this card have a 0% balance transfer rate for 15 months, there is also no fee whatsoever associated with making a balance transfer. This is unheard of! Usually every bank charges at least 3% and as much as 5% just for making a balance transfer. And this is just the start of all the amazing perks that you will get when you get approved for a Chase Slate credit card.

Rewards Highlights

  • 0% APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 15 Months
  • No Annual Fee
  • Free FICO Credit Score Checks, monthly

Expert Review

The Pros

  • No Annual Fee
  • 0% APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases

The Cons

  • No Rewards

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$0
  • Intro Purchase APR0% for 15 months
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR0% for 15 months
  • Regular APR16.99% to 25.74%
  • Great ForShoppingDiningTravel
  • Regular Purchase APR16.99% to 25.74%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR16.99% to 25.74%
  • Cash Advance APR26.99%
  • Balance Transfer Fee$0 for 60 days. After that, $5 or 5%
  • Cash Advance Fee$10 or 5%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee3%

0% APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases

While this is a Visa card and you can use it to make purchases almost anywhere. One of the greatest values is completing a balance transfer with $0 fee and 0% interest for 15 months. If you have a $5,000 balance on another card and you are paying 15% interest, transferring the balance to your new Chase Slate will save you over $185 during the introductory period.

Don't worry if you want to make purchases with your Chase Slate Visa the interest rate for the first 15 months is also 0%.

Seek Tip: You do want to get any balance transfers in within the first 60 days for maximum savings. After 60 days, the balance transfer fee goes up to 5 percent of the transfer amount. That means that $1,000 transfer would cost you $50. It still may be worth the cost depending on how much you’re transferring, what your current APR is and how long you need to pay off the balance, but 0% is free!!

Other Perks of the Chase Slate Credit Card

Like many balance transfer cards, the Chase Slate credit cards come with some great perks for anyone who is trying to get a handle on finances or simply wants strong money management tools. The zero percent APR lets you move debt into more favorable waters, and a free FICO monitoring capability lets you keep an eye on your credit.

The free FICO report is updated every month, so you can ensure nothing weird is happening with your financial details. You get access to a personalized Credit Dashboard with your Chase Slate account. It includes easy-to-understand information about the five major factors that drive your credit. Between a manageable card and this dashboard, you can use Chase Slate to keep your credit score healthy.

The Chase Slate card also comes with some great service and protection benefits, including:

  • An embedded chip that provides extra security when you pay, helping to keep your financial information safe
  • Purchase protection that reimburses you up to $500 per claim if items you bought with the card are stolen or damaged within the first 120 days (maximum reimbursement is $50,000 per account)
  • Real-Time Fraud Monitoring that keeps an eye on your account at all times so you don’t have to and alerts you via phone, email or text if unusual activity occurs on your account

No Annual Fee for the Chase Slate Credit Card

Finally, the Chase Slate credit card has exactly the type of annual fee we like to see on cards like that. None.

If you’re dealing with a card because of the introductory APR and money-management capability it affords you, you don’t want to have to pay for the privilege. While this card has some great benefits, it’s not a rewards card, so you wouldn’t be able to make the annual fee up in rewards value.

The bottom line on this card is that it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a no interest opportunity for a balance transfer or a large purchase. Use it to fund a small kitchen upgrade, new computer, new furniture or trip that you need to pay for over time.

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