Capital One Venture One Credit Card Review

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Welcome Offer

Earn 20,000 Bonus Miles

Earn 20,000 Bonus Miles after you use your new Card to make $1,000 on purchases in your first 3 months


Earn 10 miles per dollar on thousands of places to stay through
Earn 1.25 miles for every dollar spent
$0Annual Fee
There is no annual fee for this card
$0Foreign Transaction Fee
No foreign transaction fees when using this card

Capital One Venture One Rewards Card Review

If you are looking for a travel rewards credit card with no annual fee and an awesome signup bonus, you need to know about the Venture One rewards card from Capital One.  This card is backed by one of the largest banks in the US with over 65 million customers, so you know that you are in good hands when you are travelling with this card in your wallet. Capital One always puts out very good credit card offerings because credit cards are the bank’s main product.

Rewards Highlights

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 10x Miles on purchases through
  • 1.25x Miles on Everything Else

Expert Review

The Pros

  • No Annual
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 10x Miles on purchases through
  • 1.25x Miles on Everything Else

The Cons

  • Limited Rewards

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$0
  • Intro Purchase APR0% for 12 months
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR0% for 12 months
  • Regular APR16.74% to 23.74%
  • Great ForHotelsRestaurantsGroceries
  • Regular Purchase APR16.74% to 23.74%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR16.74% to 23.74%
  • Cash Advance APR23.74%
  • Balance Transfer Fee3%
  • Cash Advance Fee$10 or 3%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee0%


This card comes with an outstanding signup bonus of 20,000 miles when you spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months of getting it. This is remarkable! Capital One gives you $200 basically for free since the card does not come with an annual fee.

Imagine booking flights for you and your wife to Palm Springs and boom, $200 is credited to your account because you hit the signup bonus. That pays for a hotel room for one night or puts $200 in your pocket to go to the waterpark and have some real fun.

The card is great because Capital One wants you to hit the signup bonus. Unlike some other credit cards which require you to spend thousands of dollars in the first 3 months to hit the signup bonus, this card only wants you to spend $1,000.

Most people will hit the $1,000 signup bonus just by putting their everyday bills on the credit card. Imagine if you paid your primary bills (gas, electric, auto, cable, internet, groceries, etc) on your card. You would likely be able to clear the $1,000 spend in the first 3 months.


With this card you earn 1.25 miles per $1 spent, making it an awesome travel rewards credit card. This is cool because remember, there is no limit to the amount of miles you can earn. Suppose you spend $1,000 a month for the first 3 months you have the card ($3,000 total). You would earn 3,750 miles. You would also hit the signup bonus by clearing the $1,000 spend. So, in total you would receive 23,750 miles (20,000 for the signup bonus + 3,750 points for spending $3,000).

The way you redeem the points is also very flexible. You can redeem the points for spending money on travel related expenses – anything from flights and hotels to cruises and rental cars. You simply spend money on the card for travel related expenses, go into your online account and request a statement credit from the bank for those points.

Don't get confused with the term miles. This card is really a flat rate rewards credit card because you earn the same amount of points or miles for every $1 you spend – 1.25 points. When you redeem the miles for travel credits, each point is worth 1 cent.

So when you spend $3,000 in the first three months of having the card, you earn 23,750 miles (points). When you book travel related expenses with the card, you will get a statement credit back to your account in the amount of $237.50 if you want to spend all of your miles.

Another feature that makes this card awesome is that you can redeem the miles for any airline, hotel or travel related expense. However, note that you do not get to book the flight using miles. For example, you cannot go on Expedia and use the 23,750 miles to purchase tickets. Rather, you buy the ticket using the credit card and then you request to redeem the miles and a credit statement hits your account.

This is a huge benefit because you are not limited to, say, using your miles with United Airlines. You can literally use the points for any ticket on any airline that you want. You are also not limited to using the miles for a specific rental car company or hotel brand. You can spend the miles at literally any hotel or rental car company you want.

When you book your trip to Palm Springs, you can stay at the Hyatt or the Hard Rock hotel – whichever you prefer. With the signup bonus, the first night or two are covered. It does not get much sweeter than that!


Banks are always trying to get an extra dollar out of us, right? Well not when you swipe this card out of the country. There are no foreign transaction fees.

Imagine finally saving up enough money to take your family to Montreal, Canada for a vacation. You spend $3,000 on the trip and the bank charges you an extra $90 in transaction fees. You could treat the family to a nice dinner with that money. This will not happen with this Capital One travel rewards card.


This is a great card to get if you are looking to finance a purchase. There is no interest for the first 12 billing cycles.

Suppose you want to build a new bathroom in your house. You could apply for this credit card and use the credit to buy all of the supplies and materials you need. You could also swipe the card to pay the contractor working on the job. You would have to make the minimum required payment only, with no additional interest.

Seek Tip: Make sure to pay off the balance in full within the 12 months as the interest rate can become high. We recommend transferring the balance at the end of 12 months to one of the top balance transfer credit cards.

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