Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More World Elite Credit Card Review

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From Seek Capital - Best for Lufthansa Flyers

Welcome Offer

Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles

Earn 20,000 miles on your initial purchase and fee payment, and an additional 30,000 miles after you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases in the first 90 days


Earn 2x miles for every dollar spent on participating Miles and More airline partners
Earn 1 miles for every dollar spent on other purchases
2Lounge Vouchers
Receive 2 complimentary Lufthasana Business Lounge Vouchers each year
Receive 24/7 Mastercard Travel Assistance services

Barclay Lufthansa Miles and More Card

For lovers of Lufthansa’s luxurious accommodations and vast flight availability around the world, few rewards cards are quite as valuable as the Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard.

With 50,000 reward miles upon registration (worth around $700), two annual passes to the Lufthansa Business Lounge (worth $70), award miles per every $1 spent, advanced access to first class reward booking, and one companion ticket annually (worth up to $350), there are few better ways to enjoy flights in the U.S. and beyond.

If you know how to make the most of this travel rewards credit card, you could easily end up with more than $1,500 in value just for spending like you normally do.

Rewards Highlights

  • 0% Introductory APR on Balance Transfers for 15 Months
  • 2x Miles on purchases on Lufthansa
  • 1x Miles for everything else

Expert Review

The Pros

  • 0% Introductory APR on Balance Transfers
  • 2x Miles on purchases on Lufthansa
  • 1x Miles for everything else

The Cons

  • No Lounge Access
  • Best for international travelers

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$89
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR0% for 15 months
  • Regular APR17.99% to 26.99%
  • Great ForLufthansaTravelDining
  • Regular Purchase APR17.99% to 26.99%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR17.99% to 26.99%
  • Cash Advance APR27.24%
  • Balance Transfer Fee$5 or 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee$10 or 5%

Earn Big With the Sign-Up Reward

The Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More comes with big bonuses from your very first purchase. The highly lauded 50,000-mile reward is available as soon as you receive your card and start spending, making it easy to save big on Lufthansa flights.

Qualification for activation awards requires a little more spending than some of the lower level cards, but the rewards are worth it: 20,000 bonus miles are earned with the first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee, and the remaining 30,000 reward miles come after $5,000 in purchases made in the first 90 days.

If this sounds like a lot, think of it this way: $5,000 in 90 days is the same as just over $1,650 a month, $380 a week, or just $55 a day. That’s easy enough to do if you just put this card to work paying for all the daily living, business and travel expenses you normally spend.

But what is 50,000 miles worth? With no industry averages, it can be hard to put a price on an airline mile. With the Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More, 50,000 miles is the equivalent of approximately $700, giving you about four one-way trips or two round trips to anywhere Lufthansa travels. That’s enough for one-way flights for a whole family or a romantic getaway for you and a partner. In addition, your Lufthansa Miles and More card comes with one economy class companion ticket a year to be used in conjunction with any other ticket: the equivalent of 25,000 miles or about $350.

Lufthansa isn’t the only airline you can fly with the Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard, however. As a member of the Star Alliance, this one-of-a-kind credit card also allows reciprocal reward travel on airlines like United Airlines, one of the largest carriers in the United States. While travel doesn’t go quite as far – a round-trip ticket on United is 35,000 points as opposed to Lufthansa’s starting rate of 25,000 – it’s possible to fly United anywhere in the U.S. with the points earned simply by opening your card and spending $5,000 in the first 90 days.

Earn Miles When You Shop

If you thought miles stop accumulating after your initial reward, you were wrong; the Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard makes earning points fast and simple. In fact, every dollar you spend means more points that can be used toward Lufthansa flights.

Miles are available in two different ways:

  • Purchasing flights through Lufthansa or any of its airline partners earns you two miles per $1 spent. For example, if you spend $350 each on two flights for you and your partner and $100 on checked baggage, you’ll earn 1,600 points toward future trips.
  • Every other purchase nets one mile per $1 spent. This means that every dollar you spend on any purchase anywhere with your Lufthansa card translates to one additional mile to be used toward your travel plans. Your spending includes any bills you pay with your credit card or purchases you make with Apple Pay or Samsung Wallet.

This sounds simple, but it’s hard to know exactly what to expect. Ultimately, how much you can travel depends on how much you spend.

For example, say your family of four takes two vacations a year at $250 per round-trip ticket and you take one romantic trip with your spouse for $300 per round-trip ticket. This equals $2,600 spent on travel each year, or 5,200 miles per year.

In addition to this, the amount you pay on vacation counts as well; if you spend $1,500 on accommodations, car rentals, food and events, that’s a total of 6,700 miles just for enjoying your normal trips when flying Lufthansa.

This isn’t all, however; the money you spend on a daily basis on things like groceries, eating out, clothing and other miscellaneous items counts, too. If your credit card bills are an average of $2,000 per month, that’s 24,000 in additional miles you’ll earn each year. When added to the 6,700 miles you earn on travel and the 50,000 initial reward, that’s 70,700 miles to use as you see fit in one year alone.

And, when you add 25,000 miles for the companion ticket, that’s 95,700 miles total. When you include the Lufthansa Business Lounge passes into this total, which cost $35 per ticket normally, that’s a total dollar value of $1,410 – not a bad deal at all!

Redeeming your points is extremely easy. When you go to purchase tickets on, simply signing into your account will give you access to all of your reward points, which can be used fully or partially.

Earn Big With Additional Benefits

Miles may be the biggest benefit to your Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard, but they aren’t the only thing you’ll earn. Cardholders can also count on other benefits including:

  • Advanced access to first-class bookings with reward miles
  • Up to 15% off Miles & More Hotel and Car Awards from participating vendors
  • Baggage delay insurance, which reimburses you when any baggage on a normal carrier is delayed
  • MasterCard Travel Assistance to help with booking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Trip interruption insurance, covering forfeited and non-refundable payments and deposits on trips that are canceled for covered reason
  • A 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for the first 15 billing cycles after opening the card, with a variable APR of 17.24% to 26.24% after this point

These benefits can save you potentially hundreds of dollars a year, particularly on hotel and car costs. If, for example, you spend $5,000 on hotel stays and rental car fees with partner providers over the course of a year, you can save $750 on these essential services. This makes traveling even more affordable than ever, helping you can save on everything necessary to enjoy a great vacation.

Affordable Transaction and Annual Fees

Transaction and annual fees are often a big concern for travelers, especially for those who spend substantial time overseas.

For those who regularly visit Europe, there’s plenty to love about the Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard. With no foreign transactions fees whatsoever, no matter country of use, you can make purchases anywhere, at any time, with no risk of excessive charges.

The annual fee is extremely affordable as well; for just $89, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Miles and More card for an entire year.

Balance transfer fees also apply but are quite small, costing you $5 or 3% of the transfer, whichever is greater.

The Bottom Line

For lovers of all things Lufthansa, the Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard offers amazing advantages. With an industry-leading introductory offer of 50,000 miles in addition to a complimentary companion ticket and two Lounge passes each year, you can fly almost anywhere in the world for next to nothing. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits Lufthansa flights and those on other carriers in the Star Alliance, this card may be your perfect fit.

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