Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card Review

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From Seek Capital - Best for Alaska Flyers

Welcome Offer

Earn 40,000 bonus miles

after you make $2,000 or more in purchases within the first 90 days of your account opening.


Earn 3 miles for every dollar spent on Alaska Airline purchases
Earn 1 mile for every dollar spent
$0Companion Fare
Each year, get a companion fare for just taxes and fees
$0Checked Bag
Each year, get a companion fare for just taxes and fees

Bank of America Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines might not be the biggest name in the skies, but with more than 115 destinations and a partnership with Virgin America, it carries passengers all across the world.

Its brand partnership with Bank of America brings consumers the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card, which is a stellar rewards opportunity for anyone who regularly flies with the airline. Plus, you can use rewards racked up on this card with 15 other airline partners, which opens doors to more than 900 global destinations.

Any cardholder in good standing gets the benefit of Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare, which is a BOGO offer on airfare, every year.

Plus, the sign-up bonus of 30,000 miles is pretty sweet; you can get a first-class ticket for a 700-mile trip or score a couple main cabin tickets for a one-way hop.

And that’s just scraping the surface of what this card has to offer, so we’ve parsed the details and included them below in an easy-to-understand format. Now you will know exactly what to do when you get this credit card to maximize the rewards.

Rewards Highlights

  • 3x Miles on purchases with Alaska Airlines
  • 1x Mile for everything else
  • Alaska Famous Companion Fare

Expert Review

The Pros

  • 3x Miles on purchases with Alaska Airlines
  • 1x Mile for everything else

The Cons

  • No Lounge Access
  • Limited to Alaska Airlines

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$75
  • Regular APR17.49% to 25.49%
  • Great ForAlaska AirlinesGasTravel
  • Regular Purchase APR17.49% to 25.49%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR17.49% to 25.49%
  • Cash Advance APR20.49% to 26.49%
  • Balance Transfer Fee$10 or 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee$10 or 3%

A Sign-Up Bonus That Nets Multiple Flights

The sign-up bonus for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Signature card includes both 30,000 miles and the Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare perk. The companion fare perk works likes this:

  • You book a flight and pay for the fare, taxes and fees.
  • You get a second fare free and only have to pay the taxes and fees — those start around $22, so that’s a great deal on a flight.
  • That perk resets every year on your cardholder anniversary date, so you can put it to use repeatedly.

One of our favorite things about this sign-up bonus is how easy it is to get. All you have to do is spend $1,000 on purchases with your card within the first 90 days of opening the account. That’s not even $12 a day! Just remember to swipe this card on all your regular purchases, including things like food, beverages or family tickets for the Saturday matinee (dinner and a movie for four gets you more than 10 percent to goal in one day!).

And Points Keep Coming

As long as you’re putting this card to use, you’re racking up rewards points. You earn 3 miles for ever dollar spent directly with either Alaska Airlines or Virgin American. You also earn one point for every dollar you spend on any other purchase (exception for same-as-cash transactions like withdrawals to balance transfers).

But you probably want to know what that means in real value. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical to understand how fast this math adds up to free travel and other perks.

  • Say you spend $1,000 a month just because you’re doing life — that might cover things like groceries, dining out, fuel for your car, a new shirt or pair of shoes, or family entertainment. That’s also $12,000 a year if you use your card to cover those expenses, which is 12,000 miles.
  • Plus, you’re at least a semi-regular traveler if this card interests you, so let’s assume you spend $4,000 a year in airfare. That’s another 12,000 points.
  • Total for the first year with the sign-up bonus? 54,000.

Rewards flights on Alaska Airlines start at just 5,000 for a one-way fare in the United States, so you could net five whole trips in main cabins with those miles. You could also use them to cover a single first-class round-trip ticket for a domestic trip.

International travel more your style? No problem, because 54,000 points is enough to cover one-way tickets from the United States to Australia on some of Alaska Airlines’ partner airlines.

Other Perks for Alaska Airlines Card Holders

One of our favorite things about great airline rewards credits cards is that the perks never end with mile redemption. Some other benefits of holding the Bank of America Alaska Airlines card include:

Free Checked Bags

Not just for you, either. This perk is good for up to six other passengers whose flights were booked on the same reservation and paid for with the card. This benefit is unbelievable! Imagine if you are going skiing with 6 of your friends and you book the reservation on your credit card. Each person brings 2 checked bags which would normally cost $20 per bag. That is a total savings of $240 each way, or a grand total savings of $480 just for this one trip.

Security and Protection

Whether you’re shopping online or worried about fraudulent charges, this Bank of America Alaska Airlines Signature Visa has you covered. It comes with:

  • Chip technology for extra security when you pay at a chip-enabled terminal
  • Fraud detection that identifies abnormal buying patterns on your card, blocks them and notifies you of the activity
  • ShopSafe, a service that creates a temporary credit card number linked to your account so you don’t have to use your real card online

Money Matters

The card also comes with helpful perks we’ve come to expect from Visa to help customers track and manage their money.

  • Paperless statement options let you manage your bill online or mobile
  • Text banking that makes it even easier to check your balance or other account information
  • Account alerts that remind you about due dates
  • Digital wallet technology that lets you use your card with mobile payment solutions such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay

So, What About Credit Card Fees?

Balance transfers will cost you 3 percent of any transaction, or a minimum of $10, but foreign transactions don’t come with a fee. That’s good news for international travelers, who won’t have to pay the 3 to 5 percent traditionally charged by banks when customers swipe outside of the United States.

The annual fee on the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Signature card is only $75. You’re going to get more than that value back as soon as you use your Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare perk each year, so really, we’re netting this one out as no cost to you if you put the card to work the right way.

Conclusions? This card is a winner for anyone who travels with Alaska Airlines or Virgin America at least one time a year. Even if you don’t reach the bonuses or rack up lots of rewards (and it’s so easy, it would be hard not to), you’re going to come out ahead leveraging the annual BOGO flight option.

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