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From Seek Capital - Best for Purchases

Welcome Offer

Earn 15,000 Membership Rewards Points

Earn 15,000 membership rewards points after you use your card to make $1,000 on purchases within the first 3 months


2x points when used at supermarkets
Use this card 20 or more times in a billing cycle and earn 20% more points
Earn 1x points for every dollar spent
$0Balance Transfer Offer
There is absolutely no fee for making a balance transfer as long as you do it in the first 60 days.

AMEX Everyday

The Amex EveryDay card eliminates the confusion often associated with credit card rewards. There are no rotating categories or hard-to-meet requirements, and you aren't limited to a specific redemption method. If you want Membership Rewards points, all you have to do is spend money on the same goods and services you already buy. With money-saving benefits like a $0 annual fee and a 15-month 0 percent APR promotional period, it's easy to see why so many cardholders praise the Amex EveryDay.

Rewards Highlights

  • 20% more points if used 20 or more times in a billing cycle
  • Earn double points at U.S. Supermarkets
  • No Balance Transfer fee for 60 days
  • 1x points for every dollar

Expert Review

The Pros

  • 20% more points if used 20 or more times in a billing cycle
  • Earn double points at U.S. Supermarkets
  • No Balance Transfer fee for 60 days

The Cons

  • Limited to 1% cashback on all other purchases

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$0
  • Intro Annual Membership Fee$0
  • Intro Purchase APR0% for 15 months
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR0% for 15 months
  • Regular APR14.99% to 25.99%
  • Great ForSupermarketsGas StationsRestaurants
  • Regular Purchase APR14.99% to 25.99%
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR14.99% to 25.99%
  • Cash Advance APR27%
  • Balance Transfer Fee$5 or 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee$5 or 3%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee2.70%

Maximize Rewards With a Generous Sign Up Bonus

Spend $1,000 on qualifying purchases during your first three months as an Amex EveryDay cardholder and score 10,000 Membership Rewards points.

While this bonus isn't as high as the ones for the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card or the Platinum card, it's still large enough to treat yourself. You can book a free hotel room through Expedia if you stay somewhere that costs less than $100, or you can snag $70 in product from

Qualifying for the sign up bonus is simple because you only have to spend $1,000 on food, gas, utilities or other everyday purchases. That's just $333 or $334 a month for three months or $83.33 a week for 12 weeks.

Shop and Earn With the Amex EveryDay

Membership Rewards aren't limited to newcomers; you continue earning points indefinitely as long as your account remains in good standing. However, it's possible to max out the number of double points you get for groceries. Let's break down the point-earning process:

  • Earn 2x points at U.S. grocery stores up to $6,000 per year. That means you can average $500 per month at supermarkets.
  • After you hit your $6,000 grocery limit, you still receive 1x points. Purchases from other categories also receive 1x points.
  • Depending on the category, you either earn 1 point per dollar spent (1x points) or 2 points per dollar spent (2x points).
  • Redeem points for travel perks, gift cards, statement credits, products or other participating retailers. You can also transfer points to loyalty programs or customer reward programs, including JetBlue Airways and Hilton.

Let's run through some examples of how many points you can earn and what you can do with them.

  • If you spend $500 per month at U.S. supermarkets, you'll rack up 1,000 points per month and 12,000 points per year.
  • If you spend $1,000 per month at U.S. supermarkets, you'll hit the $6,000 cap for 2x points. That means you'll earn 18,000 points rather than 24,000 points.
  • If you spend $600 on utility bills and $400 on gasoline on a monthly basis, you'll earn 12,000 points per year.
  • If you spend $15,000 per year without visiting U.S. supermarkets, you'll receive 15,000 points.

Points don't always transfer at a 1:1 value during the redemption process. Here are some things to consider:

  • 1,000 Membership Rewards points equals 2,000 Hilton Honors points, so this card is ideal if you like staying at Hilton properties.
  • 10,000 points equals $70 at, so each point is worth less than a penny.
  • Points often equal a penny when they're redeemed like cash. That means you need 20,000 points for a $200 flight or hotel room.

Additional Amex Everyday Perks

Now that we've covered Membership Rewards points, let's explore the other perks American Express offers cardholders. We love that you can combine many of these perks, like travel accident insurance and car rental coverage, with rewards you've accumulated from points.

  • Travel accident insurance
  • Loss and damage coverage for rental cars
  • Extended warranty protection provides product protection for up to two extra years
  • Roadside Assistance Hotline
  • Entertainment Access for ticket presales and exclusive events

Take Advantage of the Introductory APR

Credit cards are notorious for their high interest rates, but this card has a 0percent purchase and balance-transfer APR for 15 months. This is the perfect time to make a large purchase or transfer a balance from another card as long as you can pay everything off before the promotional APR ends.

If you can't pay off your balance before the promotional period ends, expect an APR between 14.74% and 25.74%. Your credit history determines which APR you receive.

Let's say you spend $5,000 on new furniture for your home. If you have a 14.74 percent APR and pay $450.68 per month toward your $5,000 balance for 12 months, you'll pay $408.14 in interest.

But what if you have a 25.74 percent APR instead? That same purchase will rack up $724.22 in interest if you pay $477.02 a month for 12 months.

Keep in mind your required monthly payment probably won't be that high, so you can spend another year or two paying off your purchase if needed. However, interest will continue to accumulate during that time.

Transferring Balances to Your Amex Everyday Card

As we mentioned above, there's a 0 percenti ntroductory APR for balance transfers, and it lasts for 15 months. To qualify, you must transfer a balance during the first 60 days.

There's no balance transfer fee during this promotional period, or even after it ends, regardless of whether you transfer a couple hundred bucks or several thousand. Many other cards charge between 3 and 5 percent for balance transfers.

After the promotional interest rate ends, expect to pay the same APR for balance transfers as you do for purchases. This APR will fall somewhere between 14.74 and 25.74percent.

If you currently have balances on your other cards, the promotional period can help you escape high interest rates. Let's say you have a $3,000 balance on a card with a 25 percent interest rate. If you pay $300 per month for 12 months, you'll pay off the balance — plus $399.66 in interest.

If you transfer this balance to the Amex EveryDay and pay it off during the first 15 months, you'll only pay the $3,000 you owe. That leaves you with nearly $400 for other debts, personal expenses or your savings account.

A Rewards Card With Minimal Fees

Many credit cards require an annual fee ranging from $99 to $500 after the promotional period ends. This isn't one of them.

The Amex EveryDay has no annual fee — ever. That means you get rewarded for buying things you already planned to buy, and you don't have to spend any extra money to do it!

Remember, you also avoid paying an APR during the first 15 months. That gives you more than a year to rack up rewards for paying bills or buying household necessities. There's no catch!

If you decide to use your card for other expenses, like a luxury vacation to the Bahamas, keep in mind you might incur some foreign transaction fees. The Amex EveryDay card charges a 2.7 percent transaction fee after foreign transactions get converted to U.S. dollars.

This is a standard fee for credit cards. If you want to avoid it, consider a credit card geared toward travelers.

The foreign transaction fee isn't a big deal if you redeem points for travel expenses. For example, if you spend $1,000 in Germany, that's just $27 in fees. You earn one point per dollar spent, so if your flight and hotel stay cost $2,700, you've just cancelled out the fees for the $1,000 you spent on food and souvenirs.

Membership Rewards points also help cancel out foreign transaction fees. If you get a complimentary hotel room or several free taxi rides with your points, the foreign transaction fee won't be as much of a financial burden.

If the fee bothers you, just remember this is a card for everyday purchases, not flights or hotel rooms. You can use it to book a flight to Fiji or sail the seas, but regular purchases like gas, groceries and utilities help you maximize your rewards while avoiding unwanted fees.

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