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Welcome Offer

Earn 35,000 Membership Rewards® points

Earn 35,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $5,000 on eligible purchases with the Business Gold Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.


Earn 4x Membership Rewards Points on 2 categories
Extended Warranty for all the purchases for additioanal 2 years
Earn 1x points for each dollar you spend on other eligible purchases
$0Foreign Transaction Fee
No foreign transaction fees when using this card

Business Gold Card from American Express

Backed by the power and prestige of American Express, the Business Gold card is a great business financial tool that can really help take your business to the next level.

You can easily earn a sign-up bonus worth $500, rack up rewards throughout the year worth $1,200 or more and save money with some of the purchase protection and travel perks that come with carrying this card. By using this card the right away you can get at least $1,700 in value that can go right towards your business.

Want to know how to leverage this value for yourself? We’ve provided all the details below.

Rewards Highlights

  • Earn 35,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $5,000 on eligible purchases with the Business Gold Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.*
  • MORE REWARDS: Get 4X Membership Rewards® points on the 2 select categories where your business spent the most each month**
  • **4X points apply to the first $150,000 in combined purchases from these 2 categories each calendar year.*
  • AIRLINE BONUS: Get 25% points back after you use points for all or part of an eligible flight booked with Amex Travel, up to 250,000 points back per calendar year.*
  • PAY OVER TIME OPTION: A flexible payment option to help manage cash flow on purchases of $100 or more.*
  • Access to the Working Capital Terms program: get additional funding beyond what you can spend on Business Gold with this flexible funding solution designed to pay U.S. based vendor invoices directly when cards are not accepted.*
  • *Terms Apply

Expert Review

The Pros

  • AIRLINE BONUS: Get 25% points back after you use points for all or part of an eligible flight booked with Amex Travel, up to 250,000 points back per calendar year.*
  • PAY OVER TIME OPTION: A flexible payment option to help manage cash flow on purchases of $100 or more.*
  • Get 4X Membership Rewards® points on the 2 select categories where your business spent the most each month**

The Cons

  • High Annual Fee

Recommended Credit Profile

Rates & Fees

  • Annual Fee$295
  • Great ForAirlinesHotelsShopping
  • Regular Purchase APR14.24% - 22.24% Variable
  • Foreign Transaction FeeNone

A Sign-Up Bonus Worth up to $500

The rewards game is strong with American Express, and the American Express Business Gold card is no exception. Topping the list of perks you get when you open an account with this card is the sign-up bonus. It’s 50,000 points, which is up to $500 in value depending on how you redeem the rewards. What do you have to go to get that value? Spend $5,000 in qualifying purchases the first three months you have the card. And while that might seem like a big number, break it down and you’ll see it’s about $416 a week in spending. Chances are, if use this card to cover normal business expenditures, you’ll hit the bonus requirement in no time. Those might include goods for the supply closet, fuel for delivery vehicles, shipping charges or paying your business cell phone and electric bill. Alternatively, cover a needed capital expenditure, such as new computers or a copy machine, with the card to get to the bonus.

Keep Earning Points After You Earn the Bonus

American Express lets you customize how you earn points, which we think is pretty cool. That way, you can maximize an earnings category you know you’re going to spend regularly in. First, you have to pick a primary category from the following options:
  • U.S. advertising purchases in select media
  • Purchases at U.S. gas stations
  • Airline purchases that you make directly with the carriers
  • Shipping purchase within the United States
  • Purchases with select providers or U.S. computer software, hardware or cloud services
Once you pick a category, you earn three points for every dollar spent in it. You also earn two points for every dollar you spend in all the other categories above, so you don’t have to stress too much about picking the right one. Plus, you earn one point for every dollar spent on other purchases. The triple and double points are limited to the first $100,000 spent in each of the five categories above. After you max out a category, you only earn one point per dollar spent in it.

How do the points stack up? Let’s look at a small business example to see.

Perhaps you’re an HVAC service company with a small fleet. Out of all of the categories above, you might spend the most fueling business vehicles, so you choose that as your primary category. Imagine you spend $200 a week in fuel. That’s $10,400 per year or 31,200 points. You probably also advertise, ship things and need some computer equipment or software to run your business. Imagine that you spend a total of $15,000 on these categories in the year. That’s another 30,000 points. Now, you also get a point on every other purchase, so if you use the American Express Business Gold card to cover your utility, phone and internet bills plus HVAC supplies and parts that are required for jobs, you might spend another $60,000 on the card in a year. That’s 60,000 more points. Total points earned — not including the sign-up bonus: 121,200. That’s worth up to $1,212 in rewards. And you earned it just covering business expenses you would have paid for anyway. You don’t have to be an HVAC service company to make the American Express Business Gold card work for you. Just apply this concept to expenses you normally deal with. Plus, with no preset spending limit, you can truly reach for the skies with this rewards card. Seek tip: Spending limits do adjust to your use of the card, so paying off the balance each month is a good practice. Plus, it helps you avoid interest charges, which would make your rewards less valuable.

What Can You Use All These Points For?

Amex gives you some great options for redeeming your rewards. Points are worth one penny each if you redeem them for:
  • Gift cards with select retailers
  • Flights with participating airlines
  • Uber rides
You can also book hotels with points through American Express Travel, but points are only worth about half a penny with this redemption method.

Other Great Perks With the American Express Business Gold Card

A card backed by Amex is always going to come with some great perks, and we’ve summarized what else you can expect with this card.
  • Premium roadside assistance ensures help for flat tires, jump-starts or a tow up to 10 miles away. You can use the service up to four times a year. You arrive in Los Angeles for a business trip. You jump on the 405 freeway and you get a flat tire. You only have 4 AAA calls a year, which is tight because you and your wife share the AAA account. Don't worry about it when you booked the trip with this credit card. AMEX will be there to change out your tire and send you on your way.
  • The Global Assist hotline lets you access someone in-the-know on medical, financial, legal and other matters anytime you experience an emergency and you’re at least 100 miles away from home. This might not sound like something you will use, but when that emergency happens on your next business trip it can really help you. Imagine if you had a medical emergency when you are in Texas for business. AMEX has your back throughout your entire trip and will make sure you get to the right doctor.
  • Car rental loss and damage insurance lets you save money by waiving the car company’s insurance. When you arrive at LAX for your next business trip you will be renting a car for a week. In order to have the right coverage, it will cost you an extra $25 per day. For your one-week trip in LA, this is going to cost you an extra $175. No with the Business Gold Card from AMEX! You can take the extra $175 you are saving and put it towards taking a client to lunch at the Ivy in Santa Monica. Or you can use the $175 to upgrade your flight to business class so that you are nicely rested when you arrive in LA. After all, we all know that feeling good is literally priceless.
  • Travel accident insurance covers you for injuries or illness that occur when traveling on major carriers such as airlines, trains or buses. You are travelling for business to support your family. If the unthinkable happens when you are travelling which crippled you for the rest of your life, you probably will not be able to support your family anymore. With this AMEX credit card, you will be eligible for a nice payment if a freak-accident occurs while you are on an airplane, train or bus. Hopefully this perk never comes into play. But if something were to happen, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your family will be taken care of?
  • The baggage insurance plan reimburses you for lost or damaged luggage. You can claim up to $1,250 for carry-on bags or $500 for checked bags per incident, with a limit of $10,000 total for all covered individuals on a trip. While you might not be killed on a train, plane or bus every day, the airline losing your luggage is a much more likely event. When this happens, it is horrible because you are already travelling for business which is costing you a fortune. Now you need to come out of pocket and buy a new suit for your business meetings. With this credit card, however, you will most definitely get reimbursed because now you have insurance. While the airlines may lose your items and try to give you a few hundred bucks to cover all the costs, this insurance plan covers up to $10,000 for each person on the trip.
  • Return protection refunds you up to $300 if an advertised price is lower than what you paid within 90 days of the purchase. This benefit is limited to $1,000 per year. This can be absolutely amazing. Imagine you buy a Dell laptop for $999 in order to run your business. 30 days later, as you are surfing the web using the Dell to do business, you notice that the same laptop is now available for $799 because a new model has come out. You can easily get back $200. All you have to do is go online and make a claim. Show AMEX the difference in pricing and you will receive a $200 check from AMEX. Never feel like you got ripped off again.
  • Entertainment Access lets you score tickets and invites to premium events or presales. Looking to impress your clients with a fun night out on the town. Regardless of whether you are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia or any other major city in the country, AMEX has exclusive access to some of the best events in town. You can get the best seats in the house at a discounted price just by knowing how to take advantage of all of the benefits of this credit card.
  • The extended warranty adds a year to select manufacturer’s warranties of five years or less. Imagine that you have a problem with your iPhone and the warranty has run out. This could cost you $700+ to replace. With the AMEX business gold card, you don't need to let this stress you out. Simply send the phone in and contact AMEX to make your claim.

What Are the Fees Like?

You won’t pay any foreign transaction fees when you use this card overseas or in Canada or Mexico. That saves you as much as 3 to 5 percent on every international transaction.

And while the American Express Business Gold card comes with a $175 annual fee, it’s waived for the first year. That means every reward you rack up is like money in the bank.

We recommend this card for SMBs that want to earn points for travel or other perks but aren’t especially tied to a certain airline or hotel brand. It’s also a great option if you spend a lot in one of the five triple point categories.

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