5 Seasonal Business Ideas To Make Extra Money During the Summer

Spend time outdoors doing the work your clients would rather outsource.

It might be hot where you live during summertime or it might just be hot regardless of the season. Either way, with the heat comes a demand for certain services that people just don’t want to handle themselves. While your clients want to focus on kicking back and relaxing,  you have an opportunity to make some money by offering seasonal services.

Seasonal Business Ideas

In the winter you can shovel snow and sell Christmas trees, but summer offers some unique ways to make money that, depending on where you live, may only be relevant for a few hotter months of the year. Here are some seasonal business ideas that you can start and can earn you money while the sun is shining:

Lawn Service

The constant sun combined with a good amount of rain during the summer can cause people’s lawns to grow extra fast and get out of control quicker than usual. After the long winter, people may forget how much maintenance their lawn really requires, and they may not be up to doing it themselves. That’s where you come in.

All you really need is a lawnmower, some clippers and maybe a weed-whacker. If you don’t already own a lawnmower for your own home, it might be prudent to buy one or you might be able to rent one. One option is to get equipment financing in order to be able to afford a more heavy-duty lawnmower but make sure you have enough demand from customers to justify the loan.

It’s a good idea to charge by the hour, since people’s lawns can vary greatly in size. You could also charge by the hour or on a one-off basis for additional services such as weeding or even landscaping services. Either way, everyone wants their yards looking their best during the summer and you can help them achieve the lawn of their dreams — plus you’ll get a nice workout and maybe even a tan.

Pool Service

Pools require a lot of upkeep – especially during the summer when they are in constant use. Starting a pool cleaning service requires just a little bit of knowledge and some supplies, all of which you can acquire by doing some research online. First of all, you need to know about the different chemicals in the pool and how to maintain a healthy-looking color by using the right amounts of these chemicals. Check out this guide to pool cleaning to get started. Then, you need the equipment to actually clean the pool such as a net, brush, cleaner and a few other items as well as chemicals from a pool supply store. You will likely need a car or truck to store and transport your supplies.

Like lawns, pools can vary in size from tiny to huge so charging an hourly rate will ensure you’re paid fairly for your work. Also, some pools could be a complete mess and would take way longer to clean instead of just a quick spruce up. A pool cleaning service will allow you to be around the water and in the sun, and make money at the same time — a win-win for summer.

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Swimming Lessons

If you’d rather spend your time in the pool than around it, swimming lessons are a great seasonal business option for strong swimmers. While it may take a little bit of research and planning in order to find a pool where you could host these classes, many parents are willing to pay a lot of money to ensure that their children have the swimming skills necessary to keep them safe in the water. Another option is to offer private lessons using people’s home pools.

Not only is this a good way to make money, but you can feel really good about the skills that you are teaching children (and maybe even adults) skills that have the potential to save their life if they end up in a potentially dangerous situation in the water.


While kids definitely look forward to summer break and not having to go to school, this often poses a problem in terms of childcare for parents who have to work. Many parents need someone to watch their kids during the summer while they are not in school, and you could help out a family (or families) in need by taking care of their kids while they are at work. This doesn’t mean that you just have to sit at home all day with the kids either, in fact, you should take the time to plan fun trips and outing to entertain both you and the kids during the day. You can set your rates per hour depending on how many children you are taking care of. That way, you can have fun, help out a family, and make money at the same time.

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Car Wash Service

People’s cars can get especially dirty during the summer and many people don’t have the time or desire to clean them on a regular basis. They might have time to take them to one of those drive-through car washes, but those often don’t work too well and completely ignore the interior of the vehicle. You could even offer a mobile car washing and detailing service where you can come to people’s homes or office to do your work – that way, they don’t even have to do anything. You will need some equipment for this, such as a hose, cleaning solution, vacuum and interior cleaning solutions if you are offering detailing. It’s a good idea to charge by type of car (sedan, small SUV, large SUV etc.) to make sure that you are making enough money to offset your time and supplies.

The Bottom Line

Seasonal businesses are a great way to make some money on your schedule while also giving the entrepreneur lifestyle a trial run to see if it’s something you might want to pursue 365 days a year. Regardless of your reason, seasonal businesses will only take up a few weeks or months of your time so if you find out it’s not really your thing, then there’s no major commitment.

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