How to Improve Credit Card Approval Odds

When you apply for a credit card, you know the worst thing going through your mind, what if I am not approved? While we cannot guarantee approval, there are several simple things you can do to increase your chances of approval.    The old saying is true, the bank is there for you when you don’t need money but is not there […]

How to Maximize Cash Rewards Cards 

Cash rewards cards are credit cards that come with a cash back offer, usually as a credit on your statement. Each card has its own rewards rules, but most operate on a percentage or points system. Maximizing your rewards with one of these cards obviously means maximizing how you spend with the card, but we disclose […]

How to Get Longer Balance Transfer Periods 

A balance transfer card is one that comes with a low introductory APR (for the creditworthy, it can be as low as 0 percent) for a certain period of time. The benefit of these cards is that you can transfer balances from higher interest cards and then pay the debt down faster and without expensive […]

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have? 

Ideally, most experts say you should have at least two credit cards so you can maximize benefits from different banking networks. What’s the max number of cards? That depends on factors, including your credit, income and ability to manage your balances.  Why Have More Than One Credit Card? When you have a credit card, you […]

Fly for Free on Your Next Vacation 

Flying for free on your next vacation can be as easy as paying for your groceries every week with the right credit card. The right travel rewards cards — and the right tips for using them — let you rack up rewards fast, which means you could book one or more free flights within a […]

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

While it’s not beneficial to saddle yourself with too many forms of debt, it’s not a bad idea to have some options when it comes to credit. If you want to know how many credit cards you should have, know that most of the experts say “more than one.” We’ve covered the benefits of carrying […]

What Is a Care Credit Card and How Do They Work?

If you’ve been struggling or unable to pay for an expensive medical procedure, then a card like the CareCredit card might be just the thing you’re looking for. A credit card uniquely designed for the express purposes of funding medical expenses, the CareCredit card makes a wide range of medical expenses manageable, giving people the […]

Co-Branded Credit Cards Vs. Generic Miles

Miles earning credit cards have been around for decades, and more have flooded the market in recent years. These cards are attractive to anyone who travels, offering rewards programs in the form of bonus miles that can give you free flights, discounts on purchases, and lucrative upgrades to make your travel accommodations that much more […]

Are Credit Union Credit Cards Any Good?

Credit union cards are a little bit of an enigma in the credit card world. What exactly are they, how they work, who’s eligible for them, and are they better or worse than a traditional bank-issued card? Pros of Credit Union Credit Cards Lower or no annual fees Better APRs Lower late payment fees Secured […]