Starting Your Business

When you’re just starting your business there is so much to worry about — finances, marketing, sales and hiring to name a few. Finally starting your business is an exciting time, but it’s stressful, too. And there’s lots to learn. To help, Seek Capital has compiled a number of resources and expert articles to guide you through the complicated process of starting your business.

Maybe you want to start a business but only have $100 or can’t figure out how to choose a business entity — we’ve got articles written by experts to help. Maybe you want to start a franchise but don’t know which is the best low-cost franchise to consider. No matter your question, Seek Capital has worked with hundreds of new business owners to help them get capital so we know the types of questions you’ll have on your business journey and we’re here to help! Use these resources to learn more about getting your business off the ground successfully.

Things To Know When Setting Up A Sole Proprietorship

Deciding to set up your own sole proprietorship is as exciting as it is daunting. However, while you may be going into this business venture by yourself, there's no reason to feel alone. In fact, sole proprietorships are the most... Read More

How to Start a Small Business: A Useful Blog for Starting a Business

Starting a business is exciting, filled with possibilities. Though it's a dream for many, it's easier said than done, with a few hurdles to get over. No one starts a business without a few challenges, which is why we're here... Read More

How To Register As A Woman-Owned Small Business

So You Want To Register As a Woman Owned Small Business? Starting a business can be overwhelming at times, but there’s no reason to feel like you’re all on your own. According to the US Census, there are nearly 10... Read More

Are You Paying Yourself In a Sole Proprietorship?

Starting a new business is exciting. Between countless hours of planning, research and development, and hiring employees, there are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration as well. One extremely important element to any new business is managing... Read More

Best Startup Loans of 2020 - Get Between $5,000 and $500,000

How much money does your business need?
30 Inspiring Small Business Quotes to Stay Motivated

It’s not always easy to stay motivated as a small business owner. With so many responsibilities to oversee, it’s easy to feel drained and overwhelmed. It’s important to recharge yourself so you can be at your best.  However you decide... Read More

5 Best Business Movies 2021

The past year was rife with movies surrounding the business industry, and we’ve got the perfect resource to help you find just the flick to pass the time. Regardless of the mood you’re in, you should find a movie on... Read More

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