Patent vs Trademark: Similarities and Differences


While copyright protections exist for written works and other artistic properties, there are two other types of federal protection you can apply for: patent protection and trademark infringement.

Is EIDL Forgivable? Everything You Need to Know


Can the EIDL be forgiven? Are there any other details you need to know about the EIDL before you apply for this assistance yourself? We’ll break down the answers to both of these questions and more below.

How to Stop Bullying at Work


Bullying in the workplace is when an employee suffers poor treatment from another employee they work with. It can take any form, from physical threats to teasing or being excluded.

How to Acquire Food Truck Financing


When considering your food truck, you have several options as a business owner. But there are differences in the borrower’s requirements, the amount you can get, and the cost of the loan. 

Loan Timeline: How Long Does It Take To Get A Loan


Whether you’re in the market for a new home, looking to finance a vehicle, or seeking some extra cash flow for a new startup business enterprise, taking out a loan is a must for most people. Loans make it possible for people to make major purchases without having to have huge sums of cash on hand.

How Do Business Credit Cards Work?


Business credit cards are meant to be used for essential business purchases, including equipment, employee costs, transportation costs, and supplies. Because of this, business credit cards typically have several major differences from regular credit cards.

EBIT vs EBITDA: What’s the Difference?


At a quick glance, you may not even notice the difference. While these two acronyms have many similarities, they function in slightly different ways. EBIT and EBITDA are metrics used to measure a firm’s profits.