What Is UCC Filing and How It Affects Your Credit


Lenders will file UCC liens when they offer a loan to a business owner or organization. These UCC filings then show up on borrowers’ credit reports, leading to a lot of confusion and worry. This guide breaks down what UCC filing is and how it affects credit.

How a Revolving Line of Credit Works


Revolving Credit is a type of credit that you can continue to take out over and over without having to reapply for that line of credit more than once

What Is a NAICS Code and Do You Need One?


NAICS stands for, “North American Industry Classification System”. NAICS codes are also needed so you can get government contracts, qualify for certain businesses for various loans, and even receive special businesses tax breaks.

The Top 6 Franchises To Own


With so many franchises to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your list of favorites. These top six franchises make choosing a franchise easy and will provide you with the opportunity for success.