Laira Martin

Laira Martin joined Seek Capital in 2019 as the Marketing Manager, Content & SEO. As founding editor of the Seek Capital blog, she has led a number of marketing initiatives to grow and improve website traffic with a focus on organic traffic and lead generation. An experienced editor, her work can be found on Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, GOBankingRates, Golf Inc., The National Jurist, preLaw, Our City San Diego and more. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of California, San Diego, where she also served as editor-in-chief of the university newspaper, The Guardian.

10 Tony Robbins Quotes to Inspire Your Inner Entrepreneur 

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35 Pro Tips on How to Flip a House for Maximum Profit

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The Best Piece of Business Advice These 7 Leaders Ever Received

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10 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs From Women Who Founded Their Own Companies

Your first year in business is more about surviving than thriving. You’re just starting to build a brand, grow your customer base and figure out how in the world you’ll turn a profit. And if you lack startup business funding, you’ll... Read More

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