11 Small Business Grants for Women

line of credit

Funding your business through a grant can be challenging but also very rewarding. Since a grant is not a loan or form of credit, there is no expectation to repay it. And with record numbers of female entrepreneurs starting businesses today, many business grant programs have emerged that specifically cater to the women-owned, small-business industry. […]

What Percentage of Small Businesses Fail? It’s Not What You Think


Common sayings about small businesses get thrown around that are too often taken as truth. Most of us have heard someone say that 50% of all small businesses fail within the first year or that 90% of restaurants fail within the first year. These cliches get repeated so frequently that they’re accepted as fact when […]

5 Simple Things to Make Getting Small Business Loans Easier


Does your business need money for things like inventory, real estate, advertising or staff? Are you worried your credit isn’t up to snuff to get a loan or your business is too new to get a loan?  While it might seem like there is no easy way to get the money that your business needs, […]

25 Side Hustle Ideas to Increase Your Income


America’s gig economy has exploded in the last 10 years, due in large part to today’s technology making it easier than ever to hire yourself out as an independent contractor or freelancer. Side hustles can provide a useful stream of secondary income but can offer people a better work-life balance. And, according to Statista, job […]

SBA Loan Rates


In the eyes of many small businesses, loans backed by the government are the gold standard to achieve. Loans from the Small Business Administration tend to offer the best rates and terms when compared to non government-backed business loans, especially ones from alternative lenders. However, qualifying, applying and getting accepted for an SBA loan is […]

S Corp Vs. C Corp: What’s the Difference?


When you start a business, one of the first decisions you’ll face is how to structure your company. You have several options to choose from, such as being a sole proprietor, forming an LLC or partnership, or incorporating your business. If you are to choose the latter, you’ll come to face another decision: Which type […]

7 Reasons to Start an Online Business


Owning and operating an online business is no cake walk just because it’s online but the benefits it offers entrepreneurs are appealing for many reasons. For starters, there is no one to answer to except yourself and you have the ability to earn unlimited income to name a few. If you’re debating whether to start […]

5 Reasons to Get Startup Funding Now


Unless you were born rich or have plenty of family cash to pour into a startup, you’ll probably need to seek outside funding to get it up and running. Getting startup business funding is a necessary step for just about any business, but not always an easy one. Even if you believe in your product […]

Profit Margins Formula: How to Calculate and Evaluate

How to Calculate Gross Profit

Figuring how much money your business is making is critical to its continued existence and future success. Equally important is determining your business’s expenses — both direct and indirect costs — and their impact on your bottom line, which is your net profit. Profit margins are one of the simplest and most widely used ways […]

Line of Credit vs. Credit Card: What’s the Difference?


A line of credit and a credit card are both forms of a loan: You borrow money from a lender or credit card issuer and then repay the balance plus interest. However, both lines of credit and credit cards are not like the traditional loan that may come to mind, with fixed terms and monthly […]