How to Get Longer Balance Transfer Periods


A balance transfer credit card is one that comes with a low introductory annual percentage rate or 0% APR, which you may qualify for depending on your credit. This introductory APR is, of course, limited to a certain period of time, typically around 12 months or longer. The benefit of these cards is that you […]

10 Things You Should Know About 0% APR Credit Cards

How to Accept Credit Card Payments | Business 101

Credit cards that have a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR) offer are powerful financial management tools — if you know how to use them. They can help you pay down debt in record time or finance a large purchase without paying for expensive interest. In short, these are money-saving machines that fit inside your […]

How to Use a Balance Transfer Credit Card to Get Out of Debt

Startup Business Loans with Credit Cards

The average American has $6,194 in credit card debt, according to Experian. If you, like many Americans, are paying the standard purchase rate on your debt — often near 18% — it will take considerable time to pay it off. For example, if your minimum payment is equal to 2% of your balance ($124 in the case […]

What Is an LLP? Limited Liability Partnerships Explained


You might not be aware but businesses that are organized as a limited liability partnership, or LLP, are quite common. Just think about companies you’ve seen or heard of whose name is a series of last names, such as “Smith, Jones and James,” which are often associated with lawyers or accountants. When you see company names […]

9 Tips for Managing a Remote Team Effectively Amidst Coronavirus Shutdown


Whether you’re a proponent of remote work or staunchly against it, it’s now very much the reality for workers and small businesses across the country and the world. The coronavirus outbreak has forced many businesses to pivot, making work from home the norm in many industries. Moving from office life to home office life is not always an […]

5 Profitable Online Businesses Anyone Can Start


If you’ve ever thought of opening an online business, there’s really no better time to start than now. Despite the continuing struggles in society, there is still considerable opportunity to start and grown an online-only business — if you are able to play your cards right. It’s natural to be hesitant when starting something new, […]

Which Credit Cards Can Help Build Business Credit?

Calculate Working Capital for Your Business

Business credit is, in many ways, very similar to personal credit. Credit reports, credit scores and the way credit works — money is lent to you, which you then repay — is essentially the same for business credit as for personal credit. However, there are crucial differences that you need to understand. One of the […]

What Is a Small Business? SBA Definition Explained

Best Books for Business Owners Recommended by Real Entrepreneurs

One of the most common truisms that people throw out is that “small business is the backbone of the American economy.” While the phrase is certainly overused, it does highlight an important truth, which is that, according to the Small business Administration’s (SBA) 2018 Small business Profile, 99.9 percent of United States businesses are small […]

What Is an LLC?

Business Development

A limited liability company, or LLC, is the most common business structure adopted by small business owners in the United States. The reason small business owners choose it is due to many factors, including industry, business goals, investors and much more. Specifically, a limited liability company provides certain protections and organizational advantages that other business […]

What Is a Fiscal Year?

Budget for Business Expansion

The term fiscal year is one you’ve likely heard but might not know its true meaning. A company’s fiscal year is extremely important because the Internal Revenue Service uses it to determine your business’s tax year and deadlines to submit tax returns. Because it carries tax implications, it is critical that you understand what a […]